Horizon, Dark Matters

I watched the Horizon documentary the other night all about DARK ENERGY and suchlike. Most of it went over my head, obviously, even though they attempted to dumb it down for the likes of laymen like me. All sorts of stuff like …………erm………forget what they called it now, but they pop into existance and then out of it again, but somehow leaving something behind that fills up the gaps between planets and galaxies…………what we call SPACE or OUTERSPACE, which implies an INNERSPACE, but thats another subject………..I think.

Anyway, its this STUFF which is pushing galaxies apart, apparently, and breaking the notion that this movement would eventually stop and then the galaxies retreat to the moment of space/time when it all started, vanish, and then have another BIGBANG to restart it all again………….I think thats what I got from it anyway. Im possibly in error, but, well…….anyway……..

This idea made me think.

Not a totally unique occurrance but substantially unusual these days.

I have a problem with it, in two parts.

Firstly , why would this STUFF ripple out from the moment of the BANG, when they suggested that this in and out of existence thing happens all over SPACE they didnt actually say that it happens in ripples from some imagined centre, but did, to my mind, suggest that this is happening EVERYWHERE in SPACE.

thats the first problem.

But the second problem, which occurred to me first, is that SPACE isnt flat. Its EVERYWHERE. Up, down, left, right, inbetween.  They seemed to talk as if this was happening;


but surely, if this DARK STUFF was doing what they say then it wouldnt be pushing out from the centre, in a flat plane, it would be pushing in every direction at the same time thus;


Doesnt that mean these DARK forces are actually maintaining everything? Doesnt that mean that because the galaxies are being forced down , up, left and right that they are actually being held in the same place?

Now I know that scientists can prove the galaxies are moving apart, apparently, but I really dont think this is the reason. I really dont think that this is actually REAL. Why do I think this? Because, basically, they admitted that they call it DARK ENERGY, not because its DARK but because its actually a term they use for something they know nothing about !!!!!!!

But maybe Im wrong.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


3 thoughts on “Horizon, Dark Matters

    • why thankyou so much, im flattered. steve

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  1. Okay, I agree with you. I think they’ve just decided dark energy exists because otherwise their cosmology wouldn’t work, but they can’t demonstrate that it exists. It’s not part of the Standard Model of physics and Einstein was embarrassed about having to include it. It does force everything apart, in theory, and very large objects apparently are moving apart because light coming from them is stretched like a fire engine going past, so it’s either becoming redder for some other reason or it is actually moving away. Depending on how powerfully it’s being yanked apart, it could actually be strong enough to rip ordinary human-sized or planet-sized objects apart, but apparently it isn’t. There’s a strong tendency now, I think, for theoretical physicists to make stuff up that can’t be tested, and if it can’t be tested it isn’t science.

    There isn’t a centre, incidentally, but I’ve mentioned that before. Expansion means that distances tend to increase between locations, but that’s a mathematical property of distance. However, that’s my opinion because my metaphysics sees space as relational rather than particular. There are also people who say we are on a membrane which really is expanding the way a balloon would, with a centre in hyperspace.

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