The other evening we went to the theatre to see an excellant show called The Last Tango, starring Vincent and Flavia of Strictly fame. We set off in good time and then hit the traffic on Narborough Road, which crawled………….at the car park we struggled to find a space. While I locked the car, which is a major hassle these days, wifey walked on as we were running out of time and as I walked quickly walked to catch up a black woman walking towards me giggled at me, “youve got your tights on then”……….mentally I screamed “youve got your trousers on then” at her and, had I had the time I would have done so for real, or outloud if you prefer.  Note, I said she was a black woman, this is of course completely irrelevant and I should not have mentioned her skin colour at all as, at the end of the day, she was a human being, and thats all. That said, she also shouldnt have mentioned anything about what I was wearing. Her skin colour is not my business, and my tights and kilt were none of her business. In her defense she was sm iling as she said it, but that could be constued or misconstrued depending on ones viewpoint. Anyway, it was a good show and we got on our seats with five minutes to spare.

On another note…………..David Bowie…………..effeminate when younger, peter panish in middle years……..masculine looking in later life………….is that normal? In the villa of Ormen………….scandinavian reference to a serpent, so tis the house of serpents…….and I will stop there because it gets really convuluted, but the more I listen to this Black Star album the more I love it.

I know those two items dont seem to sit together, but they do, because they were ON MY MIND…………

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



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