Its an improbable engine. If you Hitchikers Guide fan you will know what it means. If youre not, why not? Where have you been? Did your house get flattened in the instellar bypass creation? Did you lose your towel?


Improbability. Jeremy Corbyn being elected to Labour Party leader. a Muslim being elected London Mayor. Trump being the Republican nominee for the position of President of USA. Nazis marching through the streets of Sweden. Two of these are so awful that I cant even consider them but…………..always the but…………….it demonstrates something.

It shows that people are weird.

It also shows that something being improbable doesnt make it impossible. Just engage the Improbability Drive and who knows where you will end up? Just ask this lot;

13147414_10154872467419129_4794665177901769522_o(lets not mention copyright infringements, lol, lets just congratulate Daniel Vaughan on her ripped paper rendition of the Foxes badge, lol)

Who would have thought they would not be fighting against relegation right now? who truly thought they could ever be champions? But they engaged the Improbability Drive and came out at the King Power Stadium being presented with THE trophy and having sucked non football fans into the emotion of it all, joining ALL peoples of this city together. It can be done. It can be you. It can be me.

So, Im putting a fiver on them winning the Champions League next season as that idea is equally outrageously improbable.

Improbable but not impossible

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



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