Joke, not joke, unknown

a horse walks into a bar and says…….OUCH!


a horse walks into a bar and the barman says “why the long face?”


a man sees me and says, “nice bumbag mate, have you just come from the gym?”

Now, this isnt funny…….first off……….men NEVER say anything about other mens attire in case people think they are gay. Second, that REALLY wasnt what he wanted to say. What he REALLY wanted to say was, “nice tights mate”, but of course he couldnt because of the afore mentioned homophobic issue. If men EVER mention another blokes clothing its to take the piss, such as the thicko workman at Ratcliffe College a few weeks ago……….he still stares like Im about to explode or something.

Secondly…………….well, there isnt really a secondly.

And now, the European Refendum;


Im not saying which way Im voting as its a secret ballot.

WP_20160620_20_43_59_Pro_(2)[1]this picture, though , represents my Britishness. It says that yes, born in England, with a Welsh grandm0ther (gonna get a welsh national kilt one day, as well as my family tartan….recently invented by the Scottish Kilt Company trying to extend its market), married to a Scotswoman……..So, if I can say Im British rather than simply English, then I can also say Im European. Its not hard.

But on to other things.

Wednesday, modeling at Hogwarts, followed by afternoon at DMU degree show, then on Thursday its the Cank Street Gallery open exhibition prize giving party evening. The only reason I tell you that is……………………well, I cant think of a good reason, except my fingers just kept on typing and I sometimes have no conscious control over them.


love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



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