Cank St, Leics., Little England, LE1

Was at Cank Street Gallery yesterday evening at the prize giving party for their open exhibition. Naturally I didnt win, but a friend did, Christine Johnson-Hume, so many congratulations to her. I entered three paintings and they accepted all three (and my money) and graciously placed just one of them on the wall………….at foot level……..always at foot level………..everywhere my paintings get to be set down on the floor where nobody can see them. Im starting to get paranoid about it. And, they left the two much more interesting portraits in the store room. I suppose there is a finite limit to available space, which would be fine if other artists hadnt got two or even three of their paintings on the wall. So yes, I feel its personal. Sorry, but we cant help our emotions.


Upon leaving the gallery we found ourselves talking to a complete stranger, a nice young man of Indian descent , about the referendum. He had just voted and had voted OUT. We had a good natured chat and it transpired that his main reason for voting out was immigration, too many people coming into the country………….which I thought was rather ironic and hinted at it when I pointed out to him that the UK is, and has been for centuries, peopled by mongrels and that really the first wave of immigration of recent times was triggered by the ending of the British Empire. He didnt seem to realise what I was actually saying so I said no more. However, Mitesh, works at the Card Company and I told him that I might pop in and shout, Mitesh ! This is all your fault !……of course I was joking, but now we know the result I might just actually do that next time Im in the city. lol.

And now the rest of the news; WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, BRITAIN?!

The only good thing coming from this terrible vote is it will surely be the end of Farage and UKIP as they no longer have a reason to exist.

Consequences; already the pound has dropped in value, already the FTSE has fallen, the Prime Minister has resigned so that 150,000 members of the tory party will actually vote for who will be the next PM (which will be BJ…….those initials say it all dont they?). Later on the Japanese motor manufacturers currently keeping the north of england afloat will relocate to somewhere else within the EU because the market there is much greater than the market here and why would they want to pay export/import tarrifs. Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, this will trigger another referendum in Scotland and this time they will vote for independance. Northern Ireland too, voted to remain, which also lead to a referendum on their independance and ultimately the reunification of Ireland as Eire remains in the EU. Many northern Irish go shopping across the border, this will surely cease as there will now be tarrifs!

This is a shocking day. A sad day. What is going to happen over the next few years? The right  wingers will take over completely, England will start to kick out non-english peoples, the NHS will be left with no staff so the tories will slice it up and sell it off, mass unemployment as foriegn companies leave the sinking ship, income tax will decrease for the richest as the savings from not paying into the club will transfer to them. The welfare state will start to be dismantled leading to more people living on the street , the economy is going to reduce. Its a dark day. Its a dark day for Benidorm. What will happen to the Brits who run the businesses there? will they be required to take out citizenship of Spain or get kicked out? Good heavens England , what have you done?

Whats going to happen? where will this lead us? What has actually been achieved?

I cant imagine, try as I might, what the mainland of europe would want from this country. They grow their own food, make their own cars and lorries, have their own universities, their own arts, what are we going to export to them?

The only good thing that might come from this is that the Labour Party might now wake up to itself, decide what it really wants and, sadly (because I like him) get a new leader because Corbyn has been radically impotent in this referendum and childlike whenever he has shared a platform with Cameron with his avoidance of personal contact.

So, thats that then. Its all up in the air, I just hope we dont all regret the negative politics of this referendum. Oh, and I wonder what will happen to all those EU funded city projects?

OK, end of ………………….its Britain , Jim, but not as we know it.

(try to) love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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