S.I.G., B.J., N.F., JUPITOR.

I have recently discovered something about myself, which proves one is never too old to learn. I have discovered that it isnt necessarily the act of painting that keeps me sane, but the process of creativity. My mind has been totally focussed on my studio build and, for most of the time, that has kept me from the usual slight depression from not being arty. So, its the creativity, not the painting, that keeps me from going nuts. I guess planning a big thing like my new studio employs very similar thought processes and emotional responses to my planning a painting, or a sculpture. Thats an interesting discovery.


on another note, Boris Johnson is now bemoaning the slow movement of the UK government regarding leaving the EU. Thats a good one. Gets what he wants, is so surprised he got it, then runs away from the chance to implement it and moans about those who have stood up take up the challenge! And they once said he was heir apparent to the Conservative Party.


SO…..tonight I start the big move from Studio 32 to S.I.G.    Thats right, Ive changed the name from SOB as it looks like somebody is crying, and have taken instead the code word from Captain Scarlet. They always said, over the radio, SIG, which I think meant Spectrum is Green (as in active, on the go) and which, for my purposes will also stand for STUDIO IN the GARDEN.


The Jupitor probe is nearing the gas planet, its only taken a billion dollars or more to get it there, and about five years I think. Now, just one little thing goes wrong and it flies past and into the unknown void beyond instead of an orbit around the planet.


and thats all thats on my mind right now……oh, except Farage has stood down from UKIP leadership, now that he has no reason to c ontinue.


Love all, hurt n one and walk in soft shoes


Isi Tart


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