i just remembered

yes, thats it, and it relates to a relation from the wedding but i wont mention names. I mention it here because what she was saying i was in total agreement with. so many drugs being taken to supposedly help when in fact all that needs to be done is to monitor what things go into ones stomach.

at breakfast mum decided to take her morning pills, one of which is for reflux. seriously. reflux is the simplest thing to remedy without drugs. I asked her if she had thought about not eating or drinking the things that cause reflux. she looked quizically at me and i wondered if her two hearing aids were switched on, turned out they were. so i told her i used to have it, as she knew, but giving up meat, not eating after 9 pm and certainly not drinking alcohol after that time resulted in my NOT having reflux. she has agreed to stop taking the tablets and trying what i said………….thats a first, lol………….it is amazing how people continue to do things that they know are bad for them because they can take the drugs instead and have something negative to use in conversations. Like drinking lots and lots of wine and eating lots of food, always an excuse for a get together and a large meal and lots of plonk, then take the pills that cure the ills temporarily, rather than just change a lifestyle. Im sorry, but im not sorry. its rather like somebody poking themselves in the eye because they enjoy the sensation and then complaining about the soreness and lack of vision! aagh, humans !!

the pains in my knees vanished after just one month of not eating meat…..thats a fact.

diabetes is cured by not eating too much sugar or by having a gastric band fitted………..nobody knows why the band works but it does………..but surely one thing is easier and less costly than the other……or, wait for it, you can always take drugs and hope that people will have unwaranted sympathy for you. When i worked at leicester general hospital i was told by staff that they had so many more asian patients with diabetes than other species because of their diet………so why not just make them change their diet instead of wasting so much nhs money? is it, i wonder, because the patients are made to feel somehow important, or diferent, or more worth caring for? i dont know the answer, but i do know that eating and drinking right is surely better than taking drugs which have side effects that require more drugs and so on and so on.

yeah, so thats what was ON MY MIND the last time i blogged, but forgot in preferance to tartan talk, so now its OFF MY MIND, hahaha.

love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



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