fings wot they say. Bob.

So, I wore my newest kilt to my latest wedding, Highland Grey, therefore not of a clan. With my blazer and startrek kilt pin I looked rather good. More importantly I felt good and Im so sick of explaining about my water retention leading to support hosiery leading to not being able to stand trousers over the top (and why should i hide the fact away anyway?) that instead, when a cousin asked I gave her the whole history in a can about the scots being irish, and the kilt being scandinavian as is my surname and she got a little overwhelmed I think. You know me, when I get passionate i sort of get a little loud. I was going to apologise but later on she said something about me crossdressing. I rolled my eyes and gave up.


(me at Gretna Green)                     (Highland Grey)             (Showing the feathered apron edge)

Later, another cousin, male this time, and in fact the father of the groom, asked me if my hose went all the way up and was I not a little chilly with the breeze as we were mostly outside in a courtyard. Why did he ask that, I wondered. Why do men ask men who wear kilts if they are not chilly? He, to my knowledge, didnt ask his daughter if she was chilly in her shortish dress and nothing on her legs at all. So thats kinda sexist in a twisted way around and perhaps shows a little ignorance, but we forgive him cos he is of that generation.

Nobody actually said anything bad, in fact, a couple of ladies (always ladies, btw) who were from the brides family , I assumed as I didnt recognise them, said very complimentary things in passing. They didnt stop to chat, just threw the compliment my way on their way to somewhere else.

Oh, and none of the children mentioned it. I suspect they didnt even notice it or………….as my absolutely fabulous cousin said having released me from her lovely passionate vice-like hug……..always the wierd and wacky one.

That, I think, was before she noticed my kilt………..i like to think so anyway.

And now I have a dillemma. Another cousin as has passed away, gone on holiday never to return as my aunt freda used to say, gone to the spirit world where there is no more physical pain. So, it being a funeral, should I wear the Highland Grey again? Should I even wear a kilt at all? I dont want to be a distraction from the sad ceremony, but I also need to be true to myself.

Bob……….i have a few memories of………when i was a kid and he was dating my cousin Pauline, he had a scooter. I recall going with him to his house for some reason and there it was. He was the youngest ever forman at Chrysler. He married Pauline (who taught me to smoke aged around 8 or 9). His Christmas card was always the first to arrive on my doormat. They gave us our first cot, and our first gas cooker. I liked him. He always seemed to be true to himself.

So, I wonder, wot will anyone say if I am too?

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart x

p.s. lewis this is the Lewis tartan. My family  name, from the matriarch side, is Lewis. So there. Im saving up for a real heavyweight, made to measure, kilt in this tartan.


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