Funeral. Immobiliser. Lost Relatives. Not necessarily in that order.

Car wouldnt start. Wouldnt even turn over. RAC called in. You need a new batter mate, says so here on this infallible gizmo, see….its says DISCARD. I just happen to have on. £110. Car turns over but fails to fire. Oh oh, its the immobliser mate and I cant do anything about that……..hang on…..sometimes the coil around the ignition switch comes loose and you have to hit it…………..hits it several times………….no change.

not my car, but the same model; twin sunroofs. Mine is a V reg. Apologies if this is your car.

RAC man leaves hurriedly.

Surf the net. Youtube. Other sites. Now discover that immobliser light isnt on at all, which none of the sites mention. At a complete loss. Sell car for scrap? Dont know what to do.

Funeral has to be included in sit com Im writing. Mother runs off


Mum, on her first wedding day, when the world was in black and white.

(which at 86 years old has to be seen to be believed) calling Paul, Paul, Paul. Paul turns around. It isnt Paul. Wife catches up with her. Surely Paul would be in the funeral car? Oh yes, of course.


my ab.fab. cousin, once removed, managed to go to the wrong funeral…………….hahaahha…………luckily it was in the same crematorium so she only had to walk a few yards…….You couldnt make this up , could you?

Afters; much jolity, drink a toast to the departed, and will be much missed, Bob Haley (no comets, sadly). Powerpoint presentation unusual, but more unusual was his daughter Lindsey


being a pole bearer. I dont think Ive ever seen a lady do that, so much credit to her for that, (my family tend to be rather fantastic).

I decided not to wear a kilt

as I thought it might distract from the people who mattered, unlike the wedding where all the attention had already been enjoyed by the lovely couple. However………………… two cousins, both girls, decided to bring it up anyway, too chilly for you? not wearing your skirt today? (which is, as I pointed out to the ab fab SLF, was ironic as almost all the ladies in the room, including these two , who shall remain nameless (Angela and Jennifer)(oops, fingers slipped)(no pics of either of them, sadly) were wearing trousers and NOT being accused of crossdressing. Funny how some women want equality but agree that some people are more equal than others, which I disagree with, just so you know.

Had a good, beneficial, chat with SLF about depression and the spirit world, not that they are linked in any manner………..unless they actually are.

Connected with Darren……… then, lets see. He is the son of Graham , who was my first cousin and who taught me to play snooker and was a silversmith, i believe, so Darren must be my cousin once removed. I dont recall him at all as a child. For some reason he, his mum, were not really involved with wider family, although i do recall Aunty Doreen talking about them quite a lot, so maybe she had a lot to do with them. Its sad how that happens, isnt it. Anyhow, he said he didnt realise he had this wider family so he was looking to reconnect, or connect even. Then today I realised that we hadnt swapped any contact information and wham! there on facebook, commenting on a Lindsey post, was his charming wife Taz.

Darren and Taz 

who I have now requested fb friendship of. Love it when the Universe does that…………..what we talked about , SLF, if you should be reading this, which i doubt, but dont worry if youre not.

So yesterday was quite eventful and it might be wrong to enjoy a funeral, but I did. The saddest thing is that almost always , these days, funerals are the only reason we, as a wider family, get together at all. We should, as the ab fab SLF said arrange to meet up at the start , the middle and the end of the year, every year……..Im up for that !

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes.

Isi Tart xx



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