Faith. Fashion.

Im considering, as the weather gets colder, to wear something like these over my compression leggings as I will need to keep my water retention at bay and yet keep warm. I found trousers over the top were just too restricting. And this means I can ditch the shorts, which, like a skirt, merely provided modesty cover. This was brought home to me yesterday when a little girl I picked up from her school looked at my shorts over tights (she was only that tall so they were in her eyeline) and said, “that looks like a skirt”, lol, I replied, “well, it isnt a skirt, but if it was, why would it matter, little girl who is wearing trousers?!”. She giggled at that.

Also, this dress sense of mine, new to most, including myself really,

( and has it really been three years of fb friendship? the dress sense really got started here I think )

is a real eyeopener. For instance, and this is not a unique moment, upon entering the school reception the ladies behind the bulletproof glass (im joking, I dont know if it is or not, I simply dont see a reason for it to be there) all looked down, at my legs. ……………….. just like men do with women……….so there we are, women, given the right circumstances, react in exactly the same way, treating men as sexual objects…….who knew? hahahaha.

its just fabric, get over it.

taxi sign: Taxi sign on a white background. Illustration

A man got into my taxi, I took him to his destination and he stepped out to the cash machine, and then another cash machine, then her returned minus any money. His card had been rejected. His card was a social security card. Apparently thats how those who live on benefits get paid these days. So. a man on benefits uses a taxi. So many of these people who have no job use taxis. Those who cant afford them, use them. I need somebody to explain that to me.

So, anyway, he promised to pay me the £7 on wednesday.

Wednesday came and went and of course there was no sign of any money being left in the office for me. That was no surprise. The surprise was that a few days later I found myself picking him up again. I demanded the £7 before he could get in my taxi and…………….blow me down…………..he said here it is, Ive been keeping it safe for next time I saw you.

Hole in the ground swallow me up, please.

So my faith in humanity was restored………….and then of course America voted in Trump to be their President ! Ha ! Enough said on that, other than to say, maybe he wont be as bad as we think. Maybe the civil service will guide him. Maybe we will have to make it as good as we can, much like now in the UK, after Brexit. Its too easy to be defeatest. If I had taken that route I would not be wearing support hosiery and kilts.


Ready for dogwalking in the woods

Instead I would have very large swollen, ulcerated legs. And nobody wants that.

We just have to be positive and work at it. Things will come right in the end.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes.

Isi Tart


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