CAR. CAB. TRONICS. but possibly not in that order.

The cab is in the repair shop. Im handed another cab late morning, another drivers car who seems to be away at the moment. There is no data head in the car as its the sort that is really a mobile phone, made by SAMSUNG. I have to waste more time going to office, having put £20 worth of fuel in as the driver left it empty (haveing put the same amount into the Galaxy the day before…………this is NOT the way to make a profit, btw), in order to be given a data head.

As the day progresses I notice it is losing its charge and none of the three plugs seem to make it charge.

On the first job, I cant find the meter……..what sort of taxi doesnt have a meter? and then discover its part of the rear view mirror but it didnt matter as the price had been quoted over the phone. He wasnt happy when we got there as he thought it had been overpriced, but he paid up. I metered it on the way back and it turned out he had been given a discount of at least £3 !

This Vauxhall is sooooo long. Its windows are sooooo small. The rear view mirror takes up a huge amount of windscreen space and the addition of my satnav virtually negates safe forward vision. They fail m.o.t.’s on a screen chip in the drivers eye line, but apparently its fine for the manufacturer to design a car with these design flaws.

The boot open on its own, just in case Im not strong enough, but it takes half a day to open! The headlights come on automatically when the car senses light fading, just in case Im too stupid to see its got dark.

Seriously. These geeks with spotty faces sit in their little offices pondering on how they can justify their salaries and they come up with these stupid little things that really dont enhance life at all. In fact they take away from life.

Its all so frustrating.

Had contact with Phil, who sold me the Citroen Zsara Picasso. I can pick it up anytime after noon as all he has to do is tax it. So how do I get over there? Cant go in taxi as I cant drive two cars at the same time. Cant walk as its too far away. Hoping that Chantelle will be able to drive me over.

(this is NOT my car, but a very good representation of it, albeit the steering wheel is on the wrong side)

More frustration.

Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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