Snotty grotty. ’nuff.’trek. Rinder. Foxes

We seem to be in the grips (thats the royal we, of course) of a type of cold virus (no folks, its not flu………there is a huge diference) that abates and then returns with a vengeance. Today Im in its grip. Sneezing uncontrolably, fuzzy head, constantly tired. Tomorrow I will, of course, return to the taxi because I was raised to work, because I worry about money and never seem to have enough. But I do wonder how much is actually enough. My bills get paid, I have the occasional meal out , bingo on a sunday (which is a new habit in our lives , and habits are generally bad in the long run) and own a very nice car. So how much is too much and how much is not enough? When I find out I will pass it on, but if you already know please feel free to let me know


The last Startrek film, which I missed when it was in the cinema, is now out on blue ray and dvd, so hopefully it wont be long before its on Netflix and I can get to see it. My fb and realtime buddy, Mandymac, has been reviewing all, yes ALL the original series on their blog. Go see it. Look for zerothly.

In the meantime, Judge Rinder is doing really well in Strictly Come Dancing. When was the last time anyone saw a real Judge doing a handstand flip? OMG…………..but of course, poor old Ed Balls must surely be leaving the show this week, but in the year of Brexit and Trump, you never know.

In that vein it might be worth a fiver on Leicester City winning the Champions League and yet being relegated from the Premier League, which Gary Lineker, apparently, would be fine with !!

So anyway, Love all, hurt none, and walk in  soft shoes

Isi Tart xx


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