The Turner prize was given away yesterday. Can we not talk about that please? I really dont wish to talk about that…….oh…..youre going to insist……..ok……….but be warned.

The only good thing about this prize is the fact that it gets people talking about it. But are they talking about the prize, the art the prize is given for, or for art in general? Im trying not to talk about at all, and so far failing miserably, so maybe that could be my art up for the prize except that Im too old………….how about that? the prize that seeks to move art forward is backward in its ageism and last night showed itself to be backward in its gender equality too, with only one male artist among the four, but lets leave that aside.

One of the exhibitions was £20,ooo worth of pennies (actually more than that but I cant recall the exact figure), with some corrugated panels standing up in it, like breakwaters on a beach of copper coloured sand. I found it quite appealing, until we were told what it was about. Yes, we had to be told what it was about because all of these things are so obscure that they need an artists statement. It was, apparently, the amount of money the government says a family of four needs to live on, so by removing one penny, as the artists did, puts them below the poverty line. Is it me, or is this ridiculous? Ive never earned anything like that amount of money and at one time we had a family of FIVE!. we managed to live quite well. I dont know why others cant. It ruined my view of this art piece.

Another was so many photographs along one wall of manicured hands engaged in various activities, and sunburnt kitchen work tops along the other wall, and a large model train along the centre of the room. I fail to see how the three things line up with each other, so maybe its me. Yes, must be me.

The winning artist produces sculptural pieces using found objects and there seems to be no real meaning behind the work, no message, its just visual, tactile, and you can read any story you like into any of the works, so of course the academics have to invent something because they cant just look at art and say they like, that it moves them because of its shapes or colours, but I can, and this art I sort of liked. And, actually this is the winning artist, whose name Ive forgotten, but she also won the Hepworth prize recently.and she is sharing her winnings with the other artists. So, clearly, we will never hear from her again as the academics will see this as a snub.

The other artist, the other work, i simply cannot recall. Which possibly says it all…….oh no, hang on………….brick wallpaper, a giant arse, and a suit painted like bricks…………yes, enough said, thats possibly why I forgot it, cos its completely forgetable.

I have to stop watching this shit.


Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



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