Oldies; whingers and whiners – happy invalids – tired and unmotivated teenagers.

Had an elderly chap to pick up today in the taxi, with his wife. I picked this same couple up yesterday from the same bungalow and took them to the same destination. Yesterday there was no problem. Today he stopped at the car door, looked at me and said, “You were supposed to help me”. I replied yes, but I dont see how I can help you. Im certainly not going to carry you and you have to walk once you get to town, so I just dont see the problem. He said, “You were supposed to help me get in and out of the car”. I replied, again, I dont see how. You have now got in the car with no problem. Did you want me to pick your legs up? “You have to be ready to catch me”. I said, now starting to get irritated, well Im here, waiting to catch you in the car, Im not going to catch you outside the car as that may injure me and then who will pay my bills? Not you, I bet. “Well, ok, if youre not interested in helping me, the others do”. Im now really agitated. Well ask for somebody else then, because Im not walking you around the town and that means there is not a lot wrong with you. The journey was spent in silence and at the end he told me keep a quid for myself in the change, which I did NOT do.

Compare this tall, 75 year old whinging and whining to the 85 year old woman I picked up two days ago who is bent over, arthritis ridden hands, bow legs, and a recently healed broken forarm, who got into my cab, which is higher than normal cars, with no complaining at all, greeted me with a smile, apologised to me for being so slow (no issue with that at all) and then got out at the other end of the journey wishing me a cheery cheerio.

Compare this also to the  teenage girl whose parents had ordered a cab to take her to college. I arrived on time, sat there, and her dad then came out and said she was still getting ready, shouldnt be long…………..I laughed out loud……….he said to put the meter on if I like………….which of course I did…………this was 9.05……..they rang for a taxi to take her and she STILL wasnt dressed and ready to go………for goodness sake.

I do wonder how people get to be the way they are. Is it a reaction to life? Were they born that way? One thing is for certain, two of these three people need to look at the third.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart



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