Justice. Coffee

Im watching NCIS, one of my favourite telly shows. You have to give credit where its due, the Yanks do know how to make telly shows. But lets get back to whats on my mind. In this show (its an old episode, season 9 into 10, and they are currently on 14) a story has been running for several episodes, the bad guy has now bombed the NCIS offices and finally the President of the USA has got involved and decided that this bad guy should now be pursued “with extreme…………..”,erm,whats the word? damn I hate how I keep forgetting the important ……….”prejudice” ! Thats it!, which is code for KILL HIM. What happened to justice? what happened to capturing the villain, putting him in court, convicting and sentencing him? We just kill the awkward ones now? Im hoping this only happens in the USA, not in the UK. Its another example of how american television either quietly tells the world what really happens over there as a warning, or hopes that this continual story telling will make americans think this sort of behaviour is perfectly normal. The CIA, according to a series that only lasted one series , I think, exist solely to “turn” foriegners in prominent positions into traitors, which they think is great until it happens the other way around. That surely tells us something about the moral decay over there. They have other NCIS shows, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, etc. and they often join up to work on cases together. There is a whole gamut of shows based in Chicago……..hospital drama, firefighter drama, etc and they constantly join up. This might confuse some yanks into thinking these are not dramas but documentary/fly on the wall, type shows. Its rather worrying.

Also, why do american shows insist on characters walking around with takeaway coffee? Its spilling over into real life……………….over here! What is that about? How did these people ever get through life before they discovered you could drink coffee on the go?

These things may be small, but they are constantly on my mind.


Love all, hurt none, and walk in soft shoes


Isi Tart


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