Fine a t at the acecou se.

for some reason the “r” would register when I typed the title, yet does work here, in the text. I wonder if it is some sort of fine art bollocks going on with my laptop and whether that means there is an intelligence lurking within its boards. But I digress…………..

Today we, me and TOHOTS, had a nice drive down…..or across……whatever……….to Cheltenham Race Course who were hosting the FRESH; ART FAIR 2017, for which  I had precurred free tickets.

I learned a couple of things going around the various galleries exhibiting their wares there;

1/ much of the work on display is similar in style and is therefore bordering on the new traditional, which I suppose is a repeated issue with art.

2/ one or two I would have burned rather than show them, which leads directly to 4/

3/ I cant recall what this one was

4/ I learned I should worry less about my own work as whilst some were extremely good, most were, in my opinion, no better than mine and I just remembered number 3/

3 revisited/ I dont like the paintings coated in resin. They look cheap, plasticy, and tacky so I wont be doing that.

the drive home was interesting too as he police closed off the main exit road and my satnav took me back to the same place THREE times! Nice police lady finally told me the way so I had to have stern words with GPS.

Anyway, it was a fruitful afternoon, and the racecourse looks fab. Must attend a meeting there asap.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Isi Tart


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